Remake Ceramics develops circular tableware for catering companies and restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium, using their own ceramic waste as raw material for new tableware.

Working with recycled ceramics not only positively impacts the environment and people, but ensures waste material is given a useful purpose.

The waste material is being put back into the production chain to be up-cycled into new high-quality products, protecting and reducing the use of other resources, such as clay.

Adding ceramic waste as a kind of chamotte also improves the new ceramics durability and sturdiness.

By opening the possibility for restaurants to give ceramics back once they break or are being discarded, they can be up-cycled into new, valuable & lovable products over and over again.

Restaurants we collaborate with are 2-star restaurant De Lindehof (Nuenen, Netherlands), Zeezicht (Breda, Netherlands) and green star restaurant Humus x Hortense (Brussels, Belgium).

Hanneke de Leeuw